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UK Youth

UK Youth is a leading national membership organisation. They sit at the heart of a national network estimated to support four million children and young people and members range from regional infrastructure organisations including statutory to voluntary local youth groups delivering on the ground youth services often to the most disadvantaged children and young people. Their mission is to provide access to appropriate, high-quality services for children and young people in every community.

For over 70 years UK Youth has delivered Outdoor Learning at Avon Tyrrell, an outdoor centre in the heart of the New Forest National Park. Operated as a social enterprise business within the Charity, Avon Tyrrell covers its operating costs and reinvests its revenue into the charity’s activities nationwide, where the focus is largely on children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Aerial obstacle course

UK Youth will use funding to continue the development of Avon Tyrrell as a successful social enterprise by developing a Continuous Rail Course. Developing the activity provision at Avon Tyrrell will enhance visitors’ experience, increase the number of individuals who can access their powerful learning opportunities and will support growing local community engagement.

The Continuous Rail Course or Ariel Trek course is inclusive and caters to individuals of all ages and abilities.  Through capacity building and increased revenue, this development opportunity will also allow them to offer more subsidised or fully-funded opportunities to children and young people experiencing one or more personal barriers, helping them build life skills and confidence as well as engage the local community by providing an exciting new space/activity where they can experience, learn and develop through the power of outdoor learning.

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