Social enterprise support programme

Building a successful social enterprise is challenging and social entrepreneurs often require support beyond funding. Developing commercial operations, thinking strategically, building the right organisational culture and gaining management and leadership skills are some of the skills a social entrepreneur will need to develop if they are to realise their vision of positively impacting society.

Often social entrepreneurs begin their journey with an idea to improve people’s lives but are lacking in many of the experiences or skills necessary to make that vision a reality. Some of these skills can be learned in the process of starting and building the social enterprise. However there is a space for targeted support for social entrepreneurs and external intermediaries can be instrumental in their success.

Social enterprise

The social enterprise support programme supports social entrepreneurs to innovate and develop solutions to the challenges that face society, break down the barriers they face and help them to increase their revenues and achieve social impact. To meet these goals, the Programme collaborates with a number of partners within the wider social enterprise ecosystem to deliver programmes including enterprise training, capacity support, accelerators, incubators, mentoring and peer support.

The Social Enterprise Support Programme operates on an invite only basis and does not consider unsolicited applications.

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