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Awarding funds thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery
  • Total Amount Awarded: £60,000
  • One Programme Funded

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Lincolnshire Community Foundation

Lincolnshire Community Foundation work with local and national partners to facilitate environmental and societal change.  They convene and deliver a range of resources (financial and developmental) to those small, but vital charities, groups and organisations that often make the greatest impact, but generally receive the least support.

Funding from Postcode Innovation Trust, thanks to players, will be used to undertake a Place-Based Community Commissioning Model where local needs and issues, gaps, and aspirations are examined against the local market, and where appropriate targeted support and facilitation is introduced to stimulate and encourage the growth of that local market in a resilient and sustainable way. They will focus on:

  • Health and wellbeing (especially around increasing physical activity and improving emotional wellbeing)
  • Endemic social issues (in particularly poverty, deprivation, and reducing loneliness and social isolation)
  • Education and skills (improving educational outcomes, skills development and improving social mobility through workplace interventions)

Over the two years of the programme, they will scope out local issues, needs and gaps in provision; develop a strategy which looks at what is needed, where it is needed, and how it should be provided; and deliver a developmental programme of activity that supports new and emerging social enterprises within the Mids/West Lincs Social Economic Corridor. This will be followed by a review, evaluation and strategic refresh. They are looking to ensure that not only are the economic needs of local organisations developed and supported but that they meet individual and community needs of people in the economic zone.

As well as supporting existing social enterprise who are seeking to develop and grow, they will have a separate scheme that focuses on developing and nurturing new social enterprises through hothouse and incubation, helping new organisations to find their place within the market, and seeking to develop new ways of working and funding models to support the growth of new markets and market participants across the whole economic zone.


Charity contact


4 Mill House
Carre Street
NG34 7TW

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